What if I am not satisfied with my Hand Made Oak Furniture

The great news is, before we leave you after delivering the furniture, we will always ask as to whether you are totally happy. If you are, great 10/10 for us, if not, we will bend over backwards, to ensure that any issues with the service or goods, are rectified asap, or returned if required.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

If this is your first time dealing with our company, we will ensure that we give you the best advice and the best service that we can offer, also perhaps a complimentary bottle from our vineyards, just to say thank you for trusting us with your business.

Do you have a customer referral program?

Yes we do. Should you recommend us to a valued friend or a company who wishes our products, you will entitled to a small windfall, perhaps a case of wine or a present, to say thank you.